“EG Kight, the ‘Georgia Songbird,’ has a stellar reputation as a writer, performer and producer. Even her legion of longtime fans will marvel at the musical and emotional range that she captures in ‘A New Day.'” - Jesse A. Finkelstein, Blues Radio International

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Hear full versions of “Holdin’ On” and “Comin’ Down with the Blues” from A NEW DAY here!


Press Release – EG’s brand new album “A New Day”
“…showcasing 10 original blues and roots songs performed in her inimitable sassy/sweet southern style.
Kight’s grateful to be alive, after a major health scare a few years back. “When things happen so suddenly in life, it’s scary,” she says, “but most of the time we can somehow find a blessing from it. Since I recorded my last CD, I had a life-threatening illness (meningitis and encephalitis) and it changed my life. A year after the illness, I was finally able to write songs again, and they seem to flow from a deeper place,” she states.
EG remains positive and uses her music not only as a medicine for her own continued recovery, but also as a message of hope and guidance for those out there facing similar challenges.”



Deep Roots Magazine
“…the really good news is that she’s here to enjoy it and to add her own two cents’ worth into the mix with A New Day. As Bob Luman put it so eloquently back in 1960, ‘Let’s think about living, let’s think about life.'”



EG Kight mentioned in article – “A Brief History of the Blues”
“Blues as a music is viable and is being created by new musicians. Bands like Vintage Trouble, Samantha Fish… Susan Tedeschi, Damon Fowler, Sue Foley, Tinsley Ellis, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Dave Keller, Dave Keyes, EG Kight, Lisa Bailes and the list goes on and on. All of them writing and creating new music, and all of it is blues, and all of them are out there touring and trying to bring their blues to whoever will listen.”

From Knoxville, TN about upcoming show
“Shortly after recording her last album in 2011, the singer-songwriter guitarist was stricken with viral meningitis and encephalitis. After the life-threatening ordeal, Kight says she was afraid her songwriting was over.
In the 1980s, it was country music that most people knew Kight for. She made regular appearances on the TV show “Nashville Now.” However, as time went on, she became more interested in blues. Koko Taylor was a particular inspiration and it was a particular thrill, later, when the two became friends and Taylor recorded Kight’s songs.
Now she’s recognized in the blues community as one of the greats…”



One of EG’s photographs chosen to be the cover for a book about the life and times of Robert Johnson!
Release date to be announced.


To see more of EG’s photography, visit













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