Donations for East Tennessee fire victims

I’ve been watching the news about the fires in East Tennessee, and I know first-hand how terrifying that can be. This is a photo of the famous chapel in Gatlinburg. It’s gone now…

Last Friday night, the woods behind my house caught on fire. The smoke was so thick back behind my goat pen that I couldn’t even tell where the fire started. And I’m so grateful to the firefighters for getting to it as quickly as they did, and for stopping it from spreading any further than it did. I found out that someone lost their house and everything in it.

Today is Giving Tuesday, and I want to do what I can to help raise money for all those devastated by the fires. I have a lot of friends in Nashville, and I know that the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee there is sending money to help the East Tennessee residents, for immediate and long term needs.

I also want to spread the message of not giving up in the face of adversity.

My songs “Don’t Give Up” and “Holdin’ On” are on my A NEW DAY album. And I want to share those songs with everyone right now.

Today through Saturday, I’ll be donating ALL the proceeds from the sale of my music to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. My manager will personally take a check to their office on Monday.

Click here to buy the music. Let us be the reminder that “Music heals.”

In the meantime, I’m keeping all the people in East Tennessee in my prayers







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I've made music most of my life, and I enjoy every aspect of it. I'm a roots singer, songwriter, entertainer, publisher, and producer. My musical style has been called “country-flavored southern-fried blues.” I've headlined at clubs, theaters and festivals across America and in Europe. And my songs have been recorded by artists across the genres. Even my mentor, Koko Taylor, recorded a couple of my songs, and they landed on her last two Grammy nominated albums. I've had songs on five major TV networks, and I placed five songs in a movie that's available on Amazon Prime. I love songwriting, and I love performing, and I love to see all my fans at my shows. I'll see you out there on the road!

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