EG Kight’s short BIO

EG Kight has a direct connection to the planet, and Mother Earth has paved a path of strength, power, and grace that EG travels every day. The power this petite woman brings to the stage can be surprising. One cannot ignore her when she sings…
…..Georgia Music Magazine says it best – “Kight is a gentle and elegant woman who manages to channel Southern charm, sophistication and a fierce passion for music into one tremendously intoxicating voice.”
…..Nestled in rural Georgia, EG has grown deep roots on her land, originally settled by her great- grandfather. Her passions include her music, her God, her goats, and her guitar. She is also an accomplished and published photographer. And she now adds author to her resume, with her first children’s book.
…..What brings her joy is connecting with her fans. “It’s good for what ails you,” she says. She clearly has used that camaraderie with her fans to pull her through dark days. She has cheated death twice: once from a virus attacking her brain, and once from a pitbull attack. These experiences only heightened her passion for music.
…..Music is a healer, and the world needs more of that these days. So Kight is spending this time at home during the pandemic creating new music and taking new photographs. And she’s been able to finish the book she’d started several years ago. After decades of being a goat farmer, “Things I’ve Learned from a Goat” is winning audiences the world over, especially in the 3 to 8 age range. Filled with photos she’s taken of her pet goats through the years, the book is for kids of all ages, with life lessons on each page.
…..Sales are brisk, and she’s been incredibly moved by all the comments she’s getting, from the parents and grandparents, and from the kids themselves.
…..Watch for news of the next project, coming soon!


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EG is a proud member of:

The Blues Foundation

The Atlanta Blues Society

The Americana Music Association

National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences





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