“Yesterday’s show at the Suncoast Blues Festival was great. Pure and simple. This stripped down trio project is awesome. It really was a master class on ‘acoustic blues.'”
– Terry Smith, after 03-03-18 show

“A fabulous picker, singer/songwriter, and entertainer. What a presence… she delivered a big, full, bright personality and voice replete with country witticisms and storytelling, backed by incredible guitar. At once both southern-girl charmer and gritty blues(wo)man. Not to be missed!!”
– Alex Fasules

“EG, I want to thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for the opportunity to be on the same stage with you. It was truly an honor. So gracious of you! I stood there with tears in my eyes listening to you sing ‘At Last’ and ‘Poetry Man.’ It was a religious experience. You inspire me!”
– Hurricane Ruth LaMaster

“Awesome evening! Was my first experience seeing EG but will NOT be the last. She is unique!”
– Michele Garritano Bertoia, Columbus, OH

“EG Kight can do more with her voice and a single guitar than most people can do with a full band and a choir behind them.”
–  Ricky Stevens, Music Mogul

“…the music started, making a pleasant evening become a wonderful one… award-winning blues singer EG Kight, whose talents and friendly warmth embraced the crowd.”
– Marilyn Delk, Daily Advocate, Greenville OH

“It was as if God himself was singing to me…”
(after EG’s live performance of “Hallelujah” at a house concert in Chattanooga)
– Irina Khmelko, Ukraine

“I first heard the title song on Bluesville, the XM Radio blues channel. It was good enough to prompt me to buy the disc. EG Kight is a unique artist with a terrific alto voice that can be funky, emotional and hard driving. The guitar playing is excellent, ranging from rockabilly to blues. “I’m New At This” is a great blues/jazz ballad that is the real keeper on this disc. This song and others will evoke the best of artists like Bonnie Raitt and Marcia Ball. All in all, a great addition to any music collection.”
Guitar Steve

“I heard EG on the radio and had to pull over until I found out who she was. I have ALL her CDs. Her Live and Naked Album is GREAT. Naked means its her playing solo. I saw her in a venue in PA. What a show. Check the samples and become an EG fan.”
C. Vuxton

“EG Kight is one of the undiscovered gems of modern music. She’s a got a way of putting her feelings across without having to hit you over the head with it. I’m really enjoying this CD.”

“EG Kight not only has a terrific voice, she’s also a great song writer. She has a way with lyrics that really get you where you live, such as “I’ve been set up just to be laid down” and “everywhere I go is where I’ve already been”. What else can I say. The more I hear this album, the more I like it.”
Ruth Williams




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