You know how much I love my goats, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to share them with the world. And now, with my new book, I can!!  This is a children’s picture book, but it has good advice for kids of all ages!
It features a lot of my kids that you already know, like Sippie, Moses, Cotton Top, and Sweetie. And I can’t wait for y’all to see it! I hope it’ll put a smile on your face!

Read more about it, and see the first review at this link. http://www.egkightmusic.com/things-ive-learned-from-a-goat-book


I created this page for all my fans who constantly ask how my goats are doing. I love that you love them!

I’ve had pets most of my life, and goats have been some of my favorites. They all seem to have such sweet personalities, and I’ve enjoyed raising them. I even put my pet goats on the cover of my album, “A New Day.”

EGTemplate EGTemplate

Everywhere I go, at church, at the mall, and at my shows across the country, people ask how my goats are doing!

I even got a call a couple of years ago from Barbara, the CEO of the Blues Foundation, asking if I could bring one of my goats when I presented at the 2016 Blues Music Awards. It was exciting to think about, but it just wasn’t feasible to bring one, so I brought the next best thing – my stuffed “Memphis Billy.” He goes with me on tour a lot now, so you’ll see pictures of his adventures along the way.

And some of you know my story, about how I fought to come back from a life-threatening illness. (http://www.EGKightMusic.com/egs-story)
My goats helped me heal, and I’m forever grateful for the love they show me. They’re my babies!

Scroll down for lots of photos of my kids. This page will have regular updates about them, so check back often!

#petgoats #proudgoatfarmer #ilovemygoats


I was glad to have this story run in my hometown newspaper! Click on the image to read it!


Look how much Sippo has grown, because he eats his vegetables!



Happy Thanksgiving from me and my “kids”.
#goatlife #thankful #goats


Sweetness! I’m holding Peach while Honey Boy looks on.


Here’s John Boy. His brother is Moses and his parents are Sippie and Hippie.


Getting some sugar from Riley B.
#petgoats #rileyb #ilovegoats



Words can’t express how touched I was yesterday when I opened my “prize”, the cover photo of my goat book in stained glass! Thanks to Sunny Stephens. Your friendship means the world to me. And, thanks to Terri Robbins for putting your heart and soul into this piece. You are the bomb!


I miss hugs… Here’s a photo of Oreo and Hippie, Sr. sharing a hug.
#goatlife #hugagoat #goatbook #goats


How about some meditation with Honey Boy, Sweet Pea and Cotton Top?
#goats #meditation #ilovegoats #petgoats


Sippie is admiring herself in the new book, and I think she likes it!


Sippie has been admiring herself today looking at her picture on my last CD. She actually tried to eat it!
My goats and I have great news coming. Stay tuned……

#ilovegoats #anewday #proudgoatfarmer #nannygoat


My goats just don’t want to hear my advice!
#proudgoatfarmer #goodadvice #ilovegoats


I’m treating myself too much these days!
#Layspotatochips #goats #happygoats #happysongbird #lays


Southern comfort….
#goatlife #southerncomfort #babygoats #willie


One more baby goat! Cream had a little boy. Now I have six little boys.



Kids at play. #babygoats



Jake and Elwood are growing!



Ethel has a little brown boy!



Sippie had two little blue boys!



#goatreport #jakeandelwood #babygoats



Sippie is 7 years old today! She’s expecting a baby at any time now. Hopefully today on her birthday.



Baby goat selfie. #babygoats #goatselfie #ilovemygoats



My sweet, special boy “Hippie, Jr“.



New Baby Goats! Bluesy just had two babies. I’m so excited! #proudgoatfarmer





Merry Christmas! Time to celebrate!











How ’bout them DAWGS, and goats!



Having a talk with Sweet Pea.



I’m on the road “pickin’ and grinning'” this weekend and missing my “kids”. Maybe I should take Moses on the road sometime.


Any day’s a good day when it starts like this. Surrounded by love…

I’m thinking about all my blues family this week, wishing I could be there with y’all, but I’m writing and working on a new trio project, and playing with my “kids”!

Good Monday afternoon!

Getting a hug from Peach!

Peep is three years old!

For all of you who have been asking about Moses, here he is!

Now Cream is mad because I didn’t bring her something to eat! Honey Boy is okay.

I’ve had a great birthday! The sun was shining bright and I got to have some fun with my “kids”. Thanks to all of you who sent the sweet birthday messages. I promise I’ll never grow up! Here’s a sunshine and Sippie selfie!


My “kids” and I have had a great Thanksgiving. Hope you did too!

Here’s Lil’ Sip!


Here’s Sippie looking at her granddaughter, Lil’ Sip. Don’t they look alike?


Lunch time!


Well, Moses and Cotton Top have a girl! Haven’t named her yet. She looks just like her grandma Sippie.


Moses will be a daddy soon. Stay tuned…….


Honey Boy looks like he’s saying, “you want me to do what?”


Teaching Moses the Blues!


I was so afraid my goats had forgotten me since I haven’t been able to get in the pen and play with them since I was attacked by pit bulls in early February. So, a couple of days ago I was with them, and I was feeling like they just didn’t remember me, because they’d been distant to me.
(If you haven’t heard about it, here’s a link to the news story.

As I was walking around in their pen, I looked around and saw Honey Boy and Cotton Top standing on their goat bridge, waiting for me to come play with them. It warmed my heart. They remembered how I would play with them on it. That just made my day, and now I feel better!
Here’s a picture of us playing that afternoon. My goats were a big part of my healing from encephalitis years ago. And now they’re helping me heal from the dog attack. I love my goats!!


Here’s another photo of Moses. His hair is getting longer and more curly!


Otis is biting Puff’s ear under the stairs.


Here’s Cream and her new baby. I named her “Puff!”

Cotton Top and Sippie have had more babies! Here’s Cotton Top and her new little girl.
Bluesy had two little girls, too, so I’m surrounded by babies right now! Stay tuned! Video coming soon!

And here’s Sippies new babies – a boy and a girl! Aren’t they beautiful?!?
– Update:  I named them Otis and Etta!


Give thanks…


Here’s my youngest and my oldest – Honey Boy, (white) and his great-grandmother Sweetie (black/white).

When I’m on the road I really miss my “kids”. I finally got to spend some time with them yesterday.
Here’s Honey Boy and Moses!


Sippie was totally prepared for the eclipse!


Moses is growing, and he looks like he’s been to the beauty parlor.


My pal, Cotton Top.


Peep is one year old today. He was born on Easter Sunday last year. Happy Birthday Peep!


One of my special little friends, Josiah, came to see my kids. He’s always loved “Sippie”.


Brownie had two babies! They were born late Sunday night, and they’re both big and strong! No names yet. Stay tuned!





I was trying to play my guitar for my “kids” yesterday, but Peep wanted me to move the guitar so he could get in my lap!


Memphis Billy wanted to ride the tractor with me in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.



The only goats I saw in Wyoming!


Memphis Billy, stage manager at the Cincy Blues Festival.



Peep is a lap goat! peep-the-lap-goat-051716


I was so proud to have one of my “pet goats” with me at the Blues Music Awards in Memphis, as I presented several awards with Eden Brendt.  (Photo by Laura Carbone)

EG and Eden present - Laura Carbone
And when I got back from Memphis, my kids were SO proud to see me!! Here’s Cotton Top and Peep lovin’ on me.

EG, Cotton Top, Peep 051016 - 1 rsz

EG, Cotton Top, Peep 051016 - 2 rsz
EG, Cotton Top, Peep 051016 - 4 rsz
EG, Cotton Top, Peep 051016 - 3 rsz



Peep Guitar 2Peep is ready to head to Memphis for the Blues Music Awards!

Sippie and Peep eating lunch 041216 It’s lunch time! Sippie and Peep having lunch together.


Sippie had a baby on Easter morning!! My fans keep sending in suggestions for names, and I picked out the one that feels right. His name is “Peep!”
Sippie's Easter baby 032716

Sippie and Easter baby 032716

EG and Sippie's Easter baby rszd

It just felt right to name him “Peep,” one of my favorite Easter candies.


For all you who’ve been asking, Jazzy’s baby, “Jazz,” is living a good life.
He now lives on Don and Tracy Lowery’s goat farm.
Jazz clearly loves them, and Don spends a good bit of time with all his goats.
Here are a few photos.

Jazz on Valentine's Day 021416
Don getting hug from Jazz 022216
Jazz - Don Lowerys photo of him jumping 022916
Jazz is a happy boy!!

We celebrated her 3rd birthday on January 9th!

Sippie better - on her birthday 010916

Merry Christmas video from me and all my “kids!”


December 2015 updates

EG holding Honey Boy, Cotton Top, Buttercup 112415Holding Honey Boy, Cotton Top, and Buttercup!

Sippie says hello 120615Sippie says “Hello!”

Buttercup standing under shelter 111915Buttercup under the shelter

Buttercup curled up in feed bowl 112215Buttercup curled up in the feed bowl



Jazzy had two babies on the 16th! But just like Sippie ignored her baby, for some reason Jazzy didn’t take to one of the babies, Jazz. So my friend, Jeanne took him home with her. And so far, he’s thriving!

Here’s Jazzy with her other baby, Cotton Top.

Jazzy and her baby Cotton Top 111615
And here’s Cotton Top curled up and comfy under the hay feeder.

Cotton Top lounging under the hay feeder
Here’s the orphan baby, Jazz, sitting on Jeanne‘s bookshelf. Ain’t he cute?!?

Jazzy's orphan baby Jazz lying on bookshelf



Cream had her baby on the 16th, too! I haven’t picked out a name for her yet, but I’ve gotten over 250 suggestions on facebook! Keep ’em comin’!

Cream and her baby 111615

Cream's baby

UPDATE 11-12-15!!

Bluesy had a baby on the 11th, and I named him “Honey Boy,” for Honey Boy Edwards!
And he’s already running around and playing today. He’s so cute!!

Bluesy and Honey Boy 111115 - rsz a
Bluesy and Honey Boy 111115 - rsz b
Bluesy and Honey Boy 111115 - rsz c
Bluesy and Honey Boy 111115 - rsz d
Bluesy and Honey Boy 111115 - rsz e

Here’s Bluesy‘s other baby, Jazzy, checking out her brother, Honey Boy!
(See more pictures of Jazzy when she was born last December – below!)



I was going out the door to check on my pet goats, and on a whim, I grabbed a bag of Lay’s potato chips. Most of my fans know how much I LOVE Lay’s, and I wondered if my goats would, too. Well, guess what?!? Sippie started in on the bag, and all the other goats rushed over to get some. They love them as much as I do!!
And NO, they couldn’t eat just one! They ate every last one!

EG Kight and Sippie eating Lay's potato chips

EG Kight and Sippiea eating Lay's potato chips - head in bag


EG Kight and goats - empty Lay's potato chip bag



A friend sent me one of Ellen’s new EDbyEllen goat t-shirts, and I’m lovin’ it!
I had to go show my babies, and they approve! They love it too!

EG Kight & Goats with Ellen Goat t-shirt



Sippie and EG holding their A NEW DAY cd



Here I am a while back showing Sippie “our” CD cover.

She really seemed to approve of the photos and layout.





Sippie snatching A NEW DAY cd from EG



Sippie liked the CD so much that she snatched it right out of my hands!






Sippie asking for votes




Sippie was helping me solicit votes for the Blues Music Award!





Sippie and her crew campaigning for votes



Sippie even got her friends to help with the voting campaign.




Sippie eating the campaign banner









When the voting was over on March 1st, Sippie ate the campaign signs!


Bluesy gave birth to Jazzy. Here are several photos of them together. They’re so sweet!

- Bluesy's baby Jazzy safe under shelter Bluesy and Jazzy - can I eat too Bluesy and Jazzy - in the sun Bluesy and Jazzy - jumping Bluesy and Jazzy - lovin' EG loving on Jazzy



Cream gave birth to a boy and a girl, Jingle and Bell.

- Cream running to gate boys watching - Cream wishing the babies would come Cream loving on her newborn babies Cream's baby giving EG sugar Cream's baby Jingle and Bell jumping Cream's baby Jingle and Bell licked Cream's baby Jingle and Bell with EG Cream's baby Jingle and Bell

And here’s a video of Cream and her babies.



And of course, there’s Sippie, the famous goat who graces the cover of my cd. She gave birth to a little boy, Sip, on Christmas Eve, too. And apparently Cream started cleaning the baby before Sippie could, so there was confusion after that. Sippie never seemed to know just what to do with the baby.
I had to bottle feed Sip every few hours, and the morning I found him standing out in the rain, alone and shivering, I knew I had to find him a good and loving home. I had posted on facebook about it, and after talking with my Mama, we decided on the perfect parents for him.

Sippie and Sip - a Sippie and Sip - b Sippie and Sip - c Sippie and Sip - d Sippie and Sip - e Sippie and Sip - f Sippie and Sip - g Sippie and Sip - h Sippie and Sip - i Sippie and Sip - j Sippie and Sip - k Sippie and Sip - l Sippie and Sip - m Sippie and Sip - n Sippie and Sip - o

In this video, you’ll meet Randy and Kathy Hart, Sip’s new parents!


Check back often for more of the Goat Report!.




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