A well-crafted, in-depth interview by Tara Low in Guitar Girl Magazine
Posted online December 4, 2014

GGM:  Your new album, A New Day, has a very deep meaning behind it. I listened to your music and was touched by it, and it inspired me to look at some situations in my life a little differently. Can you share with us your inspiration for the album?

EG:  I’m so glad you like the album! That means a lot to me. It’s doing what I wanted it to do – touching people, giving them hope, and giving them reason to look at life from a different perspective.

I call it my “miracle” album because there was a while I didn’t think I’d ever make another one.  Since my 2011 release, I contracted Meningitis and Encephalitis, and it changed my life. The doctors think it came from a mosquito bite. Having a brain infection of this magnitude really effects your thinking process, your energy, etc. So, for a while, I couldn’t write my name, much less a song. It took over a year before I could start writing again. I wrote or co-wrote most of the songs on this new CD after the illness. I think people will be able to pick those songs out, because they came from a deeper place. If there’s one good thing that came from the illness, it’s that I feel like I’ve improved on my songwriting.






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