NBC aired one of EG Kight’s songs on
“Chicago PD” on November 29, 2017.

Kight also placed
2 songs on Shaun Murphy’s 2016 album,
had songs on Koko Taylor’s last two
and had songs air on 3 major TV networks.

Kight also placed 5 songs in the upcoming “Collar”movie.
See a video clip here.

For song publishing info,

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EG has always thought that her song “Holdin’ On” might be
an encouragement for folks going through a tough time.
It was the first song she was able to write after her near-death illness.

Some of the lyrics are
“When the sun came up and warmed my face
It felt so good to have another day
Now I’m holdin’ on
Still holdin’ on”

Here’s a link to a free download of the song.
Hope you enjoy it!
And feel free to share it with anyone you know who may need some uplifting.

I hope it brings hope to those who need it…

EG Kight Holdin On free download


Hear full versions of

“Holdin’ On”
“Don’t Give Up”
“Comin’ Down with the Blues”

from  A NEW DAY

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