I had a BLAST at the Blues Music Awards, seeing all my friends at this worldwide family reunion!
I got to share the stage with Eden Brent and present several awards, and I had one of my “pet goats” with me.
I’ve posted pictures of my time in Memphis on my blog! Read all about it at

On May 26th, I’ll be in Kingsport, TN sharing the stage with a couple of amazing women – Becky Hobbs and Lucy Billings! This show was rescheduled from January’s snowed out date. We’re doing a Singer/Songwriter night at the Renaissance Arts Center Theatre as part of their Performing Arts Series.
If you’ve never been to a “singer/songwriter” show, this will be a real treat. We’re all gonna talk about how some of our original songs came to be. Read more about Becky and Lucy, then grab up some tickets for all your friends, and share the experience with some more music lovers.

After all, that’s what it’s about – loving the music! I know I do! 

Details for all my shows are at


Happy Spring y’all!

This weekend, I’ll be back in Ohio, at the Hey Hey Club in Columbus, and at The Blues Room in Cincinnati. Those of you who’ve been to see me at the DownTowne Listening Room, this is the same room, different name. I’ll have a very special guest with me, too. Jay Aronoff will be sitting in, so get your tickets and come on out, and let’s pack the place again!

Then in early May, the Blues Music Awards are happening in Memphis. So guess where I’ll be?!?

I’ll see you soon!


I had a wonderful time Friday night at the Crimson Moon Cafe in Dahlonega, GA. This is one of my favorite listening rooms, and the scenery getting there is breathtaking.  We had a great crowd, and everyone had a ball!

And on Saturday, I was at Perk Avenue, a quaint little cafe and coffee house in Madison, GA. The atmosphere and the folks who gathered there made for a very memorable evening. We all had so much fun that they’ve asked me back already! So mark your calendars for November 5th!


I got the best gift on Easter morning! Sippie had another baby!!
Read my GOAT REPORT for details and more pictures!

Sippie and Easter baby 032716
I’ve been at home working on a few things, and some are musical.
We got a new roof on the house, because of some hail damage a while back, and you know what kind of racket that can make! But after three days of hammering and banging, it looks great! And it should last a lifetime.

I’ll be heading out on the road again soon. I’ll be at a couple of venues in Georgia, then on to Columbus, Cincinnati, Memphis, northeast Tennessee, Tallahassee, Montgomery, Cincinnati again, then Pennsylvania, and Mississippi!

Smiley face with music note


Y’all take a look at my TOUR DATES page.
And come see me when you can!
You’re the reason I do what I do…


I’ve updated my blog from my recent trip –
two house concerts in Chattanooga and a lot of fun in Nashville!
Read all about it here.

And I’m headed back to the Tropicana Room this Saturday!

Y’all come see me!
Tropicana Room 031916 -3













You helped my photograph finish in 3RD PLACE in BOTH CATEGORIES!

Here are the photos that won 1st place and Runner up.

Top 3 Encephalitis Society Photo Contest - PH rsz
Top 3 Encephalitis Society Photo Contest - WC rsz
To I’m grateful for each and every one of you, and I know the Encephalitis Society is glad to have had so many participants.

To learn more about them, visit their site.

As most of you know, in 2011 I was in the hospital, diagnosed with meningitis AND encephalitis. It was a scary time, and the doctors weren’t sure if I would make it. I’m a whole lot better now, and making a lot of music these days and writing some new songs!

To read the whole story of my journey back from near death, click here.

Today, I’m proud to announce that one of my photographs has been accepted as a finalist in the Encephalitis Society‘s “ShowYouKnow” contest, and YOU CAN VOTE!

The idea of the contest is for survivors to “Show us what the world should know about Encephalitis,” for World Encephalitis Day on February 22nd.

One of the prizes is a trip to London, as guest of honor at the World Encephalitis Day exhibition, to be held in a London gallery later this year.


Vote EG's Fog photo Encephalitis Society contest


Since we got snowed out in Kingsport, I’ve been at home, working on several different projects. Both of my Taylor guitars have been in the shop for tune-ups, and I’m excited about getting them all freshened up! I love my Taylors! Not only do they make an excellent guitar, but they are wonderful people to work with.  They’ve been so good to me!Taylor Guitars logoAnd I’ve been researching different speakers, and working on getting my home studio up and running again. I’m working on some new stuff, and I’ll share it with y’all when I can!

I’ve been spending time with my “kids,” and I’ll have some new pictures for you in the next few days. I just can’t imagine my life without my goats. Can you?!?
EG holding Honey Boy, Cotton Top, Buttercup 112415
I was keeping up with everyone at the IBC’s in Memphis, and sure enjoyed all the pictures and updates on facebook. How did we ever manage before facebook? I love staying in touch with all my friends that way, and sharing all of our exciting news.
IBC logo
On Valentine’s weekend I’ll be doing an intimate performance at the Little Carnegie of the South. Miss Louise Barfield, a renowned concert pianist, has a concert hall and art gallery, and has invited me to grace her stage many times through the years. I’m grateful to people like Louise, who appreciate the arts, and support it this way. It’s a small venue, so RSVP today. I’d love to see you there, and to introduce you to Louise!
Louise Barfield


Thanks to everyone who sent positive vibes and prayers up for Sippie! She’s doing better, and just celebrated her 3rd birthday! You can see her birthday photo on my Goat Report page.

I spent last weekend at Bradfordville Blues Club in Florida with my Blue South Band, celebrating my birthday, and Gary Anton’s birthday with a sold out show! Gary is an avid supporter of the blues, and his club is one of my favorite venues in the world! We always have a blast there, and I love the fans! We’ll be back in the summer some time!

This weekend I was scheduled to be in northeast Tennessee, with Becky Hobbs and Lucy Billings, at the Renaissance Arts Center Theatre in Kingsport.
The last time I was there a few years back, Becky and I did the show with the late, great Ann Rabson. We remember and honor Ann, and the amazing time we had with her there.
But because of the snowy forecast, we’ve decided to reschedule. Keep an eye on my TOUR DATES page for the new date.

I’ve got a lot of private parties and house concerts lined up, and we’re working on some midwest and northeast tours. Stay tuned, and we’ll post details as soon as everything’s confirmed!


I’ve had a lot going on lately! I’ve got four new baby goats! You can see pictures of all of them on the Goat Report page.

I’ve placed five songs in a movie starring Rebecca DeMornay, Tom Sizemore, Richard Roundtree, and David Patrick Wilson! And a couple of the songs were ones I co-wrote with my friend Tom Horner!

EG signing sync licenses(Signing the sync licenses for the movie)

And I’m excited to now be raising awareness for the Johns Hopkins Encephalitis Center.  Visit my Encephalitis page to learn more.

Even when I’m not traveling, or on a stage somewhere, I stay busy! I updated my Blog recently, so you can visit that page to see what’s been going on.

I’ve got some great dates coming up, and I want you to mark your calendars for New Year’s Eve in Chattanooga! Let’s RING IN THE NEW YEAR TOGETHER!

Get your tickets now on the Tour Dates page! 


The Saturday after Thanksgiving, I was back in one of my favorite areas of the country, the north Georgia mountains. I had a couple of special guests sit in with me – Gary Porter, the drummer in my Blue South Band, and his wife Rhonda, who sings backup vocals with me in the band. They drove up and surprised me, and it was SO good to have them with me!

EG at Crimson Moon - 112815


To help raise money for the Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia, I sat in for a few songs at Skydog 69 in Macon. It was an honor to celebrate the Allman Brothers, and to make music with so many amazing musicians!!

Skydog website banner
EG and full band at Skydog 112215 - by Rudy MullisL to R: Mike Harrell/keys, me, Rhonda Porter/BGV,
Gary Porter/drums, Ken Wynn/lead guitar, Johnny Fountain/bass
Photo by Rudy Mullis


On November 14th I was back in Chattanooga, at the Tropicana Room. I’m usually there every couple of months, but I haven’t been on that stage since the end of May. It’s been a while, and I was SO glad to see everybody again!
This show was special, because I talked about the  Johns Hopkins Encephalitis Center, and raising awareness about this dreaded disease.
If you haven’t read my story of fighting my way back to the stage after Encephalitis, you can read it here.
I had some special guests that night, too. Hurricane Ruth, Archie Whitehead, and Shelby Arp joined me on stage, and we had a ball!!

EG, Archie, Hurricane Ruth Tropicana rsz(Archie Whitehead and Hurricane Ruth)

I love encouraging young people who are interested in music, especially the blues! And I’ve watched Shelby grow up, and become a great singer! I’m so proud of how well she’s doing with her music! Here she is, doing “Son of a Preacher Man.”


I spent some time in Pennsylvania, at Jeremiah’s at the Bullfrog, and at the River City Blues Club, for an event for the Blues Society of Central PA. It’s been a while since I was in that area, and it was so good to get back up that way, to see old friends and to make some new ones. A great big thanks goes out to Jim and Linda Boose, for being my roadies once again! I appreciate you more than you know.

We had a packed house both nights, and I had such a good time! Sean Farley sat in with me at Jeremiah’s. He doesn’t know how much I love HIS music!

EG at Jeremiah's SRO by Sean Farley(photo by Sean Farley)

And imagine my surprise when I saw THIS on the interstate!! The folks with the Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania really outdid themselves!
EG Kight billboard Harrisburg, PA 102515


After five fun-filled shows up north, I got to head south, to the beach!
Over the years I’ve performed in a variety of venues, and as an artist, acoustics are important.
The show I did in the Chapel in Jacksonville Beach, Florida was amazing!  According to Tim Ellis, Chairman of the Event Committee, “The musicians always rave about the Chapel’s great acoustics and the intimate setting-the musicians enjoy it just as much as the guests do.” And that’s SO true! I sure enjoyed it, and the audience did too!
And my mama took the trip with me, so I just had to get her on stage with me. Here’s a picture from Linda Olsen…

EG at Fall Chapel Concert - 3

I had such a great time in Ohio and Indiana, and I’m still sorting through photos and videos.
In the meantime, for a behind-the-scenes look at my trip, read what my manager, Sunny Stephens wrote, on her Blue South Talent website.


If you like Southern Rock music, then you know the Allman Brothers. I performed several songs with the Dirty Uncle Bob band in Macon, at  GABBAfest and had a blast. It’s great to see these young players appreciating great music!
Here’s a video of us doing “Southbound.”


I was in Nashville, as part of a Tribute to BB King at the City Winery!
I joined artists like Claudette King, BB’s daughter, Stacy Mitchhart, Crystal Shawanda, Gary Nicholson, T. Graham Brown, Mike Farris, Lee Roy Parnell and more!
If I wasn’t going to be on the stage, I would’ve wanted to have a ticket to hear all these artists pay tribute to the King!

BB King Tribute color poster 2 City Winery Nashville 092215

On Saturday, the 19th, my Blue South Band and I were the first artists to perform in a brand new $8 million state-of-the-art Fine Arts Center in north Georgia. We were so excited about the fact that they wanted us to christen the stage, and we enjoyed meeting some of the  great folks from Union County!

EG Kight & Band Union Cty Fine Arts Ctr 091915 FOR EGS SITE rsz

On September 12th I was on the east coast, where my northern band and I performed at the 2 Left Feet Festival in Middlefield, Connecticut! It was so good to see Tom and Char again, and to play on their stage! I had a ball, and later I got to sit in with one of my favorite male blues artists, John Nemeth!
Poster 2 Left Feet Festival 091215
Two weeks before that I was in Kentucky and Ohio, at “Blues on the Avenue,” another event for Women’s Way, an organization that supports women in the arts.
Andra Faye and Scott Ballentine performed as well, and I was glad to see Andra again. She’s one of my favorite “Blues Sisters!”
Then I was back at one of my favorite little spots in Columbus, the Hey Hey Club.
I had a ball at both events, and having Lisa Biales join me on stage one night, then Hurricane Ruth the next was an added bonus for me! I love it when Women in Blues make music together!

Blues on the Avenue - Bev Bowers 082815 rev 2 brdr

EG Kight at Hey Hey Club 082915 - 2


I was in Florence, Alabama for a solo show at the Sweetwater Depot, and I finally got to meet Michael Buffalo Smith, who has written several articles about me and my music through the years. It was great to see him, and get to tour Florence.
I saw my dear friend, Paul Hornsby‘s display at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame, and I got to see W.C. Handy’s birthplace! That was a real treat!
Thanks to Debbie Dixon for making it all happen!

Sweetwater Depot poster 082215 brdr

On Friday the 14th I was back up to the north Georgia mountains at one of my favorite spots – The Crimson Moon. We had a full house, and lots of fans took some of my music and photography home with them. I love sharing the things I love with my fans!

Dana LaChance owns this amazing music venue, and has put her heart and soul into it for years to provide a welcoming space for artists, and for the audiences. She really believes in us artists, and I appreciate her more and more all the time.

EG at Crimson Moon 081415 flier - venue final rev brdr


A few weeks ago I was back in Chattanooga for a private house concert.
I love doing this kind of a show, because it puts me right up close and personal with my audience.
Thanks to Al and Gail Secor for having me!
And thanks to all those who came with all the great food, and sat and listened to me do what I love best – making music.
It was a special night for me, and I’ll never forget it…


At the end of July I was in Sacramento, California with Val Starr’s band, at the Blues On the Patio Summer Concert Series. It was great to be getting back out to the west coast!
Even though it was scorching hot, once the sun went down, it cooled off enough for the band and me to put out some HOT blues! I had a total blast with these guys!
And who knows? I may be back out that way with this band at some other shows.
Keep an eye on my schedule, and we’ll let you know what’s coming up next!

Blues on the Patio Sacramento 073115 poster


My Blue South Band and I got a great reception in Port Royal, South Carolina at the end of June, for their Street Music Concert Series. The forecast was calling for rain, so we moved the show into The Shed, which wasn’t a bad thing, since it was air conditioned! We had a full house, and we were rockin’ it!
I was glad to see everyone having fun, in spite of the bad weather. Food, drinks, and music. What else do you need for a party?!:-)

Here’s a video that Delayna Earley shot at the show. Thanks, Delayna!

Poster for Port Royal SC Street Music 062715 brdr
We’re working on some summer midwest dates, and we’ll post them as soon as details are confirmed.

And I’ll be in Connecticut, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana in the fall.

For details, click on the TOUR DATES tab above. Mark your calendars! And y’all come see me if you’re in the area.


In mid-June, I was at at one of the coolest little juke joints on the planet with my band, at Bradfordville Blues Club in Tallahassee!
It was great to see Gary Anton, and all my friends down there again! And my Blue South Band put out some of the best music I’ve ever heard…
Read what I wrote about it on June 22nd on my facebook page.
Bradfordville always broadcasts the first set on Saturday nights live on the internet, and it was great to have listeners from around the world there with us!

EG and band at Bradfordville 062015 - 2

On May 30th, I was back in Chattanooga, at one of my favorite places – the Tropicana Room. We always have a great time there, with good food and good friends. I shared some of the fun stuff about my trip to the Blues Music Awards! And on Sunday, we had a private house concert at a friends house. We had a great crowd, and lots of fun and fellowship. I love house concerts!

EG Kight at Tropicana Room 053015

In early May we were in Memphis, Tennessee for the Blues Music Awards! I was nominated for the Koko Taylor Award, and I couldn’t be more excited about that. I didn’t win, but we all had a ball at our international family reunion.
I got to perform at the awards show with my Blue South Band, and Lisa Biales joined us on stage as well.
I also performed at several venues while we were in Memphis, too. Greg Nagy and I sang a few at the Rum Boogie, and Lisa joined in with us. Then I shared the stage at the Hard Rock with the Andy T Band. They are an awesome band!

Beale Street Mess Around poster
Play it Forward Fundraiser poster

And the first weekend in May, along with some other artists, my band and I paid special tribute to legendary Paul Hornsby at the Wiregrass Festival in Dothan, Alabama in May.
And I also had some of my photography on exhibit at the Museum of Art! I was so excited about that!
I met some amazingly talented artists, and I’m looking forward to staying in touch with them.
Maybe we can make some more music together some time.
Wiregrass Festival schedule of events 2015

Poster Wiregrass Fest 050215

In April we headed over to Ozark, Alabama for the Crawdad and Music Festival and had another LARJ time! My band just keeps getting better and better, and the fans keep us all going.

Ozark Festival 2015 poster

I played another festival with my amazing Blue South Band at the Bikes Blues & BBQ Festival in Douglas, Georgia. We always have a blast when we’re on stage together, and this was no exception!

Bikes Blues & BBQ Festival 041115 border

The night before Easter we had a full house at one of my favorite places, The Crimson Moon in Dahlonega, Georgia, in the north Georgia mountains. I always love playing there, and I’ll be back some in August. Keep an eye on my TOUR DATES for details!

EG at Crimson Moon 040415 - fb, tw

In case you couldn’t tell, I love playing at the Tropicana Room in Chattanooga! I was there again in March for a solo show! We had a full house, and I did my usual mix of fun songs, love songs, ballads, dance songs, and story songs! We always have fun in Chattanooga!

EG Kight at Tropicana 032815
I had a blast at the Capitol Oyster Bar in Montgomery with my band. Thanks to all the music lovers who came out to hear us! I always enjoy the food and the fun we have there!

EG and Blue South Band Capitol Oyster 032215 - 3



I was in Nashville on business recently, and went down to one of my favorite clubs there – Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar.
Stacy Mitchhart and his amazing band was playing, and I got to sit in with them.
We had a ball! Check it out!


EG was nominated for the Koko Taylor Award from the Blues Foundation.
Voting for the Blues Music Awards is for members only.

If you’re not a member yet, joining is easy. To get info, or tickets, visit

February 22nd is World Encephalitis Day.
As some of you may remember, I had this a while back, along with meningitis, and it’s changed my life. It’s an everyday struggle.
Just this week a University Of Georgia student lost her life to this brain infection.
I know that I am blessed to be here, and I know without a doubt that music has helped with my healing.
Aliki Chrysochou is an artist from London, England who had encephalitis and will be putting on a concert online this afternoon, during a streaming event for The Encephalitis Society. Check it out.

You can watch the streaming event online at

And you can read my comeback story here

FEBRUARY 6: This weekend EG is LIVE in Chattanooga!
Friday night at a Claypool house concert. (To RSVP, send email to
Then Saturday night at 8 pm the Tropicana Room, with special guest Norbert Fuhrmann, from Germany!
Watch a clip of them live together at Music in the Pines from 2013.
For more details, click on TOUR DATES above.

Tropicana Room 020715

Read the latest PRESS RELEASE under the ABOUT tab.

EG landed on the Top 5 Best Blues Artists of 2014 list!
Others on the list include Joe Bonamassa, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Gary Clark Jr., and Eric Bibb.

And look who EG’s keeping company with in the top 10 Albums for 2014!
Included on this list are the Mannish Boys, Steve Krase, Austin Walkin’ Cane, Dave & Phil Alvin, John Nemeth, Steve Dawson, Sugar Ray & The Bluetones, Keb Mo, and the Holmes Brothers.

EG also landed on the The Roots Music Report’s Top 100 Blues Album Chart for 2014!

One of EG’s photographs chosen to be the cover for a novel about the life and times of Robert Johnson!
Available now at Amazon.

To see more of EG’s photography, visit

EG and her Blue South Band are LIVE in Tallahassee, Florida at Bradfordville Blues Club!

EG is celebrating HER BIRTHDAY, as well as GARY ANTON’s BIRTHDAY!
If you can’t be there in person, you can tune in to the first set live on the internet!
For details click on the TOUR DATES tab above.



Read the latest ARTICLES and INTERVIEWS with one easy click.
And you can VOTE for EG for the Blues Music award.
And see photos of EG ON STAGE through the years, around the world, under the PHOTOS/VIDEOS tab.
To see her photograph that landed on the cover of a book about Robert Johnson, click on the PHOTOGRAPHY tab!
AND, there is now a brand new page dedicated to the goats – click on the GOAT REPORT tab to read all about the new babies.

DECEMBER 10, 2014

EG Kight and Koko Taylor at BMAs
When the news came out this morning that I’d been nominated for this prestigious award, named after my friend and mentor, I was elated! It brought tears to my eyes. I’ve had nominations in the past, but this one is especially exciting, because I know Koko would be excited for me, too.
Here’s a photo of when she surprised me at my show in Huntsville. I was in shock to look up and see her standing there. She said she never got to go see other shows, and she wanted to come to mine. That’s a day I’ll never forget!Koko surprising EG at her Huntsville show
She is so much a part of my music, and her friendship meant so much to me. I still miss her every day…EG Kight and Koko Taylor Birmingham
I’m honored to be included in this category with all the other amazing artists. Congratulations to ALL the nominees! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again in Memphis in May. It’s always like a great big family reunion!The Blues Foundation is a wonderful organization and will soon be opening the Blues Hall of Fame in Memphis. They work tirelessly for all blues musicians, and we’d be lost without them. Only members of the Blues Foundation can vote for the BMA’s, so if you’re not a member yet, sign up today!Read the complete list of nominees at


The nominators are carefully-screened Blues experts, consisting of Blues radio programmers, print media representatives, retailers, educators, photographers, festival presenters, talent buyers, and other Blues aficionados who attend many live performances and actively listen to the majority of Blues recordings issued in any given year. The nominators are chosen from the Blues Foundation’s membership, with a focus on geographical balance and extent of involvement within the Blues genre. Most are from the United States, but there are currently also nominators from Canada, Europe and Central America.


Bradenton Blues Festival 120614 FINAL


EG at Steve's and Darwin's Nov 2014 FINAL

EG at Bow Bar Nov 19 and 20 FINAL

EG at Griswold Auditorium 112214


EG Kight Grammy consideration FINAL 102914 rev rszd


EG’s A NEW DAY album debuts at #9 on the Living Blues Chart!

Watch EG live with her Blue South Band at the Tropicana Room in Chattanooga on October 4th!

Holdin’ On

Comin’ Down with the Blues

To see more videos, click the VIDEOS tab above!


EG Kights A NEW DAY #1 on GA Roots Music Report

The album charted at #16 on the Top 50 Blues Album chart! And the song “Holdin’ On‘” debuted at #32 on the Top 50 Blues Song chart!

Thanks to all of you in radio who are helping to spread my music around, and to the media for helping get the word out!



“EG Kight, the ‘Georgia Songbird,’ has a stellar reputation as a writer, performer and producer. Even her legion of longtime fans will marvel at the musical and emotional range that she captures in ‘A New Day.'” – Jesse A. Finkelstein, Blues Radio International

You can get your copy today!

Hear full versions of “Holdin’ On'”, “Comin’ Down with the Blues” and “Don’t Give Up!”

Press Release – EG’s brand new album “A New Day”
“…showcasing 10 original blues and roots songs performed in her inimitable sassy/sweet southern style.
Kight’s grateful to be alive, after a major health scare a few years back. “When things happen so suddenly in life, it’s scary,” she says, “but most of the time we can somehow find a blessing from it. Since I recorded my last CD, I had a life-threatening illness (meningitis and encephalitis) and it changed my life. A year after the illness, I was finally able to write songs again, and they seem to flow from a deeper place,” she states.
EG remains positive and uses her music not only as a medicine for her own continued recovery, but also as a message of hope and guidance for those out there facing similar challenges.”


Click on the REVIEWS tab above for all the latest media reviews


AUGUST 23RD: EG Kight mentioned in article – “A Brief History of the Blues” 
“Blues as a music is viable and is being created by new musicians. Bands like Vintage Trouble, Samantha Fish… Susan Tedeschi, Damon Fowler, Sue Foley, Tinsley Ellis, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Dave Keller, Dave Keyes, EG Kight, Lisa Bailes and the list goes on and on. All of them writing and creating new music, and all of it is blues, and all of them are out there touring and trying to bring their blues to whoever will listen.”

JULY 11TH: From Knoxville, TN about upcoming show
“Shortly after recording her last album in 2011, the singer-songwriter guitarist was stricken with viral meningitis and encephalitis. After the life-threatening ordeal, Kight says she was afraid her songwriting was over.
In the 1980s, it was country music that most people knew Kight for. She made regular appearances on the TV show “Nashville Now.” However, as time went on, she became more interested in blues. Koko Taylor was a particular inspiration and it was a particular thrill, later, when the two became friends and Taylor recorded Kight’s songs.
Now she’s recognized in the blues community as one of the greats…”







Read more about it at!











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    How cool that one of your photos will be on the Robert Johnson book. Yea, you!

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    How cool I have the picture on my wall right when you enter my home!

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