EG KIGHT – Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer

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6 responses to “EG KIGHT – Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer”

  1. Jack Shaffer says :

    Great show in Columbus at the Hey Hey Loved in particular the song Coming Down with the Blues, which I can’t wait to share with the guys at the next jamb.(unfortunately we don’t have anyone that can come even close to singing it the way you do) Your a true entertainer, a talent, and a joy to listen to. Thanks

  2. Dewey Tweed says :

    EG, sorry to hear of your attack by the dogs. Praying that you will have a quick recovery.
    My late wife Irene and I enjoyed many nights watching you perform at the Officers Club at Robins AFB.
    Take care,
    Dewey Tweed

  3. Beverly Bowers says :

    What a show in Cincinnati. It was a stunning night of music and EG is such a quick wit. Lots of belly laughs, good friends and fun. Come back soon Songbird!

  4. Audrey DuPuy says :

    Covid-19, Look Out….Because of YOU, E.G. will not be in Columbus, Ohio this spring. I’m mad and when I catch up with you, Covid, Ima beat you down!

  5. Connie Pascale says :

    We see you are scheduled to perform at Eddies attic on April 24 however they do not have you down on the schedule so not sure what that means . We really wanted to see you – are you actually playing there or hands it been cancelled .

    • EGKight says :

      Connie, I saw that they had put something about it in Creative Loafing, but we don’t have it on our calendar. And it hasn’t been on the Eddie’s Attic website either. We had rescheduled a date there twice due to the pandemic, so there was obviously some confusion. EG won’t be there this month, but we’re hoping to book something there later. Keep an eye out, and we hope she can start booking more dates soon!
      – Sunny Stephens

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