EG KIGHT – Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer

“…a cross between Bonnie Raitt’s bourbon stung growl and Phoebe Show’s emotive warble.”
– CityBeat Cincinnati

“…a unique voice in contemporary music.
Her heartfelt, gospel and country-tinged blues blend American traditions into a toe-tapping good time.
– Twangville

“…sings with frank, commanding authority, crafting songs that simplify life’s mysteries.”
– Macon Telegraph

“…one of the most absolute beautiful, richest voices…
The last time I heard a woman’s voice impress me… was when I heard Eva Cassidy for the first time.”
– Michael Johnathon, host of Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour

For the media and talent buyers – please contact for approval before printing or posting any bio info, promo photos, or video, and we’ll help you find the right fit for your story or event. 


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3 responses to “EG KIGHT – Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer”

  1. Jack Shaffer says :

    Great show in Columbus at the Hey Hey Loved in particular the song Coming Down with the Blues, which I can’t wait to share with the guys at the next jamb.(unfortunately we don’t have anyone that can come even close to singing it the way you do) Your a true entertainer, a talent, and a joy to listen to. Thanks

  2. Dewey Tweed says :

    EG, sorry to hear of your attack by the dogs. Praying that you will have a quick recovery.
    My late wife Irene and I enjoyed many nights watching you perform at the Officers Club at Robins AFB.
    Take care,
    Dewey Tweed

  3. Beverly Bowers says :

    What a show in Cincinnati. It was a stunning night of music and EG is such a quick wit. Lots of belly laughs, good friends and fun. Come back soon Songbird!

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